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What is Disability Insurance?

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Glossary of Terms

Disability Income Insurance is insurance coverage that provides monthly payments, up to a specified amount and for a specific time period after a covered illness or injury occurs. Insurance must be purchased prior to your illness or injury. Disability Insurance provides a way to protect your income and your standard of living.

What Does it Do?
Disability Insurance protects your most valuable asset—You, and your ability to earn income. If you become disabled, you most likely will not be able to earn enough income to cover your continued living expense

Disability Income Insurance will provide monthly payments to help meet your daily living expenses.
Who Needs Disability Insurance?
You may think you don't need disability insurance. The statistics tell a different story.
Approximately 54 million Americans currently have a disability. This figure represents 21% of the total population of the United States.
Each year nearly 1 in 5 people will become disabled for one year or more before the age of 65.
Nearly 50% of all home foreclosures are caused by unforeseen disabilities.
Nearly 70% of all disabled people that apply, are rejected for Social Security benefits.
* Social Security Disability Benefits are reserved for people totally and permanently unable to do any job. It may not cover all interruptions of income due to injury or sickness

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